Howard Humphrey

Embracing Digital Innovation in Construction

Kanwal Syan, Director, Howard Humphreys was a keynote speaker in the event that brought together industry leaders and investors to have meaningful conversations on the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the opportunities this has brought to their clients

Howard Humphreys strives on building strong relationships by understanding the challenges that clients face, sharing their vision, and helping them transform the impossible to reality. The event enabled the firm to showcase their core suite of digital tools that underpin service delivery in the Engineering industry.

Kanwal Syan, a Director in Howard Humphreys and one of the keynote speakers at the event emphasised on innovation that maximises efficiencies for clients by saving time and money in projects through improved efficiencies that technology has brought about. “The industry is on a digital journey and Howard Humphreys is ahead of the trend”. He said. Howard Humphreys has developed a number of systems and tools to benefit clients.

Why we do it:

Client empowerment

  • Immersive Virtual Design – Faster Decision Making
  • Easier Assessment of Project Viability

Realistic simulation

  • Inter-disciplinary Simulation as it Appears in Normal Environment
  • Better Risk and Quality Management

Wholistic understanding of the project

  • Understand both technical and non-technical impact
  • Avenue for Virtual Exploration of the Design for Finer Details