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Water and Sanitation Service Line

It takes careful planning to ensure that your water and wastewater systems are adequate, reliable and economical. Howard Humphreys has decades of experience with water supply systems including source-works, pumping, treatment, distribution and storage. We can help you design new systems or diagnose operational problems to identify how to get the most out of your existing facilities.

We believe in helping our clients develop solutions that provide value, while respecting the environment. Our staff stays up to date with Best Management Practices for water and wastewater management, and we can help you comply with local requirements by implementing innovative and cost effective solutions. Our sound engineering and comprehensive approach to water and wastewater systems have resulted in a track record of environmentally-friendly project successes.

The Water and Sanitation Service Line deals with:-

  • Planning and design of water supply, sewerage schemes and storm water drainage systems
    • Construction supervision of water supply and wastewater systems.
    • Ground water prospecting.
    • Water resources assessment.

The service line has undertaken several urban and rural water supply, sewerage and sanitation projects in Africa.

Howard Humphreys’ track record of successfully completed and operational water supply and sanitation projects is the result of a flexible, dedicated and multi disciplinary team approach to engineering problems. Projects are undertaken using appropriate computer design software for pipeline hydraulics, distribution network analysis and ground profiling. Quality management systems are used to track and manage project deliverables.


Projects under Safety, Health and Environment

Some of the other recent projects which have been completed or are currently being executed are as follows:

  • Strengthening Water Transmission Pipelines for water supply to Nairobi City.
    • Muranga
    • Othaya
    • Machakos
    • Karen County Club
    • Lumakanda
    • Levee Study
    • Longonot Geothermal Power Project
    • Ruiru Water Supply Project, Athi Water Services Board.
    • Baidoa Water Supply Project, Somalia.
    • Bosaso Water Supply Project, Somalia.
    • Baad Weyne Water Supply Project, Somalia.
    • Merka Water Supply Project, Somalia.
    • Asembo Bay–Ndori Water Supply Project
    • Kikuyu Sewerage Project,
    • Rehabilitation and expansion of sewerage system at KCB management centre Kenya Commercial Bank Ltd

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